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Être Minuscule

Être Minuscule” is a show that just as well conveys comedy, elegance, magnificent magic and astonishing mentalism.

Alone on stage, Mao the Magician is one of the rare women of the profession who will take you on the journey of exploring your miniature self, which as tiny as it is is capable of infinite strength !

“Être Minuscule” is a magic and mentalism performance that transports us back in the universe and reminds us of all the magic that surrounds us at every single instant

“Être Minuscule” is divided in 4 parts, 4 precious moments in our life … and what if the impossible became possible !

“Être Minuscule” is a magical combination between reality and illusionary moments with  holograms, drones, films, apparitions and even mindreading of the spectators will be at play… All of your senses will be manipulated or become manipulable..

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